Cage or aviary

Caged birds are suffering, living in tiny cages, and many are never let out, or not for long enough. Caged birds crave freedom and companionship with other birds, not the cruel reality of forced solitarily confinement for the rest of their very long lives, being locked in a tiny cage.

Some caged bird will sleep most of the time during the day to alleviate boredom, and may make very loud noises for attention when ever you leave the room, that can drive you mad.

Some birds may begin to self mutilate, first they start by plucking out their feathers and after years of doing this, the birds feathers will not grow back again. Some birds go even further and self mutilate their own skin. These birds will be much harder to re-home in this condition. And living outside in an aviary or Sanctuary, will not be an option for these birds either.

Its now time to admit birds shouldn't be caged as pets. Please see this supporting link:

We are not saying here you shouldnt have a bird as a pet, but ask you to provide proper care for your birds, according to ALL of our Adoption Policies.

You should give them plenty of time out of their cages, as much as possible. We recommend 6 Hours minimum, or more every day. If you do this for your birds, you will be helping them to avoid the many behavioural problems that can arise, if your bird doesn't receive proper care.

If you are going to keep a bird caged, all the time for the rest of its life, then you shouldnt have a bird, Please think seriously about rehomeing your bird with one of the many rescue organisations.

You might of asked, Will my birds survive, if I set them free from their cages? You may of bought birds without realising how guilty It would make you feel watching them sit in a cage all day. After having them for many years, you might feel you want them to be free. Please read this link:

Please also consider getting another bird to give your pet bird company, so the bird is never alone, when you go out.

Birds belong in pairs, not alone. If you're the happy owner of a pet parrot, you've probably pondered the possibility of getting it a cage companion. But are two birds twice as nice or double the trouble? That depends on many factors, say the experts. Should you get another bird. Please read this link:

Some different species of birds can live together. Often people ask about having mixed flights with various different species of birds living together: Can I have this bird with that bird? Will they be Ok, together?

There aren’t really any set rules on which species can go together, but there are guidelines that can help you in this situation. Please use this link:

An Aviary or Sanctuary situation is the better option, for some birds.

Option 1. Build an indoor aviary for your birds.

Option 2. For you to consider is for your tame pet bird, is to have 2 or more and house them in doors over the winter, and let them live in an aviary in the summer months.

Option 3. Don't rehome your birds, especially the smaller birds, adopt more from the many rescues and Sanctuary's, in the country, and house them in an indoor, or out door aviary. Your Parrot needs the companionship of other birds, not just you, or some stranger off the internet that you know nothing about.

Option 4. A Bird Sanctuary - Photos, videos, links, add yours here...

Photos of Sanctuary's around the world

Aviary Security

You will definitely need some kind of Aviary Security. Please go here for advice... - Don't let your pet birds suffer in undersized cages. Discover how to build a full sized aviary that will provide your birds with plenty of space and security to live with other birds." Please visit this link for more details:

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