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African Grey Parrots. Due to the reclassification of African Grey Parrots - They are now a grade 1 endangered species. To find out how this will effect you and your African Grey Parrot. Please read more here..

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NYPR - Birds Under Assessment and Rehabilitation in 2018 - Process 30 to 120  Days!

NYPR Reference: 021

Bird Species: Hahns Macaw - Pet bird

Birds Name: Charlie

Status: Not yet ready for rehoming- Under Assessment and Rehabilitation

Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

More information will be available soon

NYPR - Birds Available Now to foster in 2018 - Rehoming Process 30-90 days!

NYPR Reference: 011

Bird Species: Indian Ringneck Parakeet - Pet/Aviary Bird

Birds Name: Lola

Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Status: Under Application

For fostering is Lola, he is a male, green Indian Ringneck Parakeet. He is Semi tame, takes food from your hand.

He will definitely need to be with other birds, If in a home, he must be allowed plenty of time out of his cage, or indoor/outdoor aviary situation.

He developed a feather problem, before he came to us, mainly its over preening and chewing of feathers... this will get worse if he doesn't receive the proper care that he needs, lots of time out of his cage, and interaction with the adopted owner and over birds, please see photo...

More details will be added later..

NYPR Reference: 020

Bird Species: Common Mynah - Pet/Aviary Bird

Birds Name: Poppy

Status: Has been donated to Filey Bird Garden


Location: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Ready now is Poppy, he is a male common mynah bird, aged 4 years and 4 Months.

He is a Semi tame pet bird, and has always been let out of his cage, day and night.

He lives and sleeps on his cage, a platform, that has a perch and food bowls. He has been fed on a low iron dry insect mix and a fruit mix. Chopped fruit, and eggs.

He likes both bird and human company and interaction, and likes to follow you around the house, and takes food from your hand and mouth.

The ideal home for him would be with someone that has other similar sized Mynah birds, or other softbills. (Not Parrots or Parakeets) in an indoor or outdoor Aviary.

Now Rehomed, Filey Bird Garden, North Yorkshire..

NYPR Reference: 006

Bird Species: African Grey Parrot - Pet Bird

Birds Name: Chico

Location: Birtley, County Durham

Status: Now Rehomed

This is a message from Chico's owner

African Grey Parrot Chico is available to foster, Age 8 Years.

Chico is a beautiful boy he prefers to stay on his cage, he likes you to open the cage door and is quite happy to roam around the outside of his cage playing with his toys.

Chico likes a lot of interaction and affection. Once you have gained his trust he will show you just how intelligent and funny he is. He does not talk yet but mimics sounds so hopefully talking will come later. Now Rehomed. Location Birtley, County Durham.

NYPR - Some of our Parrots Rehomed in 2017

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