Welcome to North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue!

NYPR is a Non Profit Organisation, dedicated to the rescue, foster, adoption and the welfare needs of surrendered or found parrots.

Our priority is to identify potential adoption homes for companion birds, and educate caregivers in proper parrot care, so they don't need to keep rehoming their birds, but can keep them at home with them, where some of them belong.

NYPR is also a rescue that believes, non-tame birds, that will not bond with their owners, do not belong in people's homes, to live the rest of their lives alone in a cage.

For these birds that are not suited to life in cages, we urgently need more Bird Sanctuary's/Private Aviary's, that are run by people that want to make a difference, and genuinely care about the birds that are suffering alone in tiny cages.

For more information, please read the page: Stop Caging Birds.

NYPR is based in North Yorkshire and covers the North of England with Rescue Centres located in the Yorkshire and Manchester areas.

If you require help with your bird, rescue or rehoming advice, please use our Contact Form or the Helpline number listed below.

RBAR Helpline: 07960 144786 (Manchester Area)

Ways you can help us,

You can donate any unwanted bird cages, indoor/outdoor aviary's, aviary building materials, storage units, fencing, and bird food etc.

Welcome to the Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue Sanctuary!

Registered Charity Number 1165772         

NYPR work in partnership with Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue; a charity dedicated to the protection and care of sick, injured, abused, abandoned, birds, animals and endangered wildlife.

Our Work

We carry out a wide range of animal rescues, welfare and care work for all kinds of birds and animals whether they’re wildlife, pets or agricultural animals.

Many of our rescues involve unwanted pets; when owners can no longer provide the proper care, for whatever reason, we can take them on and provide them with expert care and attention, and a forever home at our 30 acre farm sanctuary in North Wales.

For more information, please visit these websites: www.rainbowbirdrescue.org and www.rainbowrescueuk.org

Important Bird Rescue Information: Exotic tropical birds such as Parrots, Parakeets and Cockatiels, as well as Budgies, Lovebirds, Finches, and other varieties, are often kept in captivity as beautiful and interesting pets.

Unfortunately, many owners may not know how to care for their birds properly, while others experience life changes that may leave their pets without a suitable home.

Captive birds can suffer from nutritional deficiencies, psychological stress, boredom and loneliness and many other problems when they do not receive proper care.

Many wild exotic birds are endangered as a result of the international pet trade. Non-profit bird sanctuaries can provide homes for some birds for whom their owners can no longer provide care.

However, many more of these birds need to be adopted by committed owners who have taken the time to thoroughly understand what it takes to care for the birds properly. A person who is ready for the responsibility of owning a bird should seriously consider adopting one rather than buying a new one.

We are a Non Profit Organisation, Run by Dedicated Volunteers. 100% Voluntary.