Welcome to North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue! Helpline: 07707 065220

NYPR is not a Parrot rehomeing service, we are a dedicated parrot and bird rescue service, and have been involved in bird rescue, and rehabilitation work since 2006, helping all types of sick and injured birds. 

We don't just help parrots, we try to help all types of birds, sick, injured, orhaned, abandoned, neglected, or found birds, Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and all other birds.

Ways you can help us, You can donate any unwanted bird cages, parrot toys, bird food etc. You can help us financially by giving a donation of any amount you can to help us with our daily expenses. Please use the Donate Button on the left. Thank you.

For free help & advice, please use our Contact Form or our Helpline: 07707 065220 (Scarborough) Or Rainbow Bird Rescue, Phone: 07960 144786 (Manchester)

If your thinking about rehomeing any parrots or other birds, please first read Before Rehomeing Your Parrot!

NYPR will take in and care for any bird regardless of size, age, or medical condition. We will treat and then rehabilitate any birds with the help of specialist Avian vets.

We offer to help any sick or injured bird, that would overwise unnecessary end up being euthanised because the owners of these birds can't afford to pay for their expensive vet bills.

If you have a bird that needs our help, then please take them to one of our registered foster carers, in the Yorkshire area. Please contact us for details of the one that's nearest to you.

You can also help, by becoming a volunteer, collecting birds for us, or by offering your home to these birds, by becoming a Foster Carer.

Don't worry If you don't have any experience, because we will fully train you.

We hope you are able to help out, so please contact us.

Thank you


Stop The Selling of Parrots Sign the petition, World Animal Rescue

Welcome to Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue!

NYPR work with Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue, where most birds are now being referred, they are a Registered Charity in England and Wales, Registered Charity Number 1165772

Rainbow Bird and Animal Rescue; a charity dedicated to the protection and care for sick, injured, abused, abandoned birds, animals and endangered wildlife.

Our Work

We carry out a wide range of animal rescues, welfare and care work for all kinds of animals and birds whether they’re wildlife, pets or agricultural animals.

Many of our animal rescues involve unwanted pets; when owners can no longer provide the proper care to animals, for whatever reason, we can take them on and provide them with expert care and attention, and a forever home at our farm sanctuary.

For more information, please visit these websites: www.rainbowbirdrescue.org and www.rainbowrescueuk.org

We are a Non Profit Organisation, Run by Dedicated Volunteers. 100% Voluntary.