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African Grey Parrots. Due to the reclassification of African Grey Parrots - They are now a grade 1 endangered species. To find out how this will effect you and your African Grey Parrot. Please read more here..

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Birds available now for adoption

Bird Species: African Grey Parrot - Pet Bird

Birds Name: Jasper

Tame: No, but has always been kept as a pet indoors

Cage: Yes

Location: Chester Le Street, Co Durham

Ready now for adoption is Jasper, he is an African Grey Parrot, who we have had for approximately 13 years.

I believe he was around 2 year old when we brought him home.

Jasper has never been the friendliest of parrots but does love a good sing song to music and will try to chip in with your conversation.

He is fit and healthy as far as we know and has never needed any vetinarian health care. He is a real chatter box when he gets going and is comical in his expressions. He does talk and unfortunately once in a while comes out with one particular swear word. He loves to be able to sit and watch out of the window at the garden. He loves cheese and fresh fruit and even has his own packet of custard creams.

As mentioned he has become a grumpy old man who seems to becoming more and more unhappy. He hates to be locked in his cage, but still bangs and screeches when he is allowed out. We got a puppy 4 years ago and they really dislike each other. When Jasper squawks, Lucy barks at him. Over the last few years he has become particularly vicious and will attack at every opportunity.

Even myself who has been his primary carer from day one. I have had some particular nasty bites from him and now have a 9 month old granddaughter. I am afraid that he may become jealous of her and I don't want to take the chance of him biting her. I have deliberated for a long time regarding rehomeing him as he is one of the family.

Jasper needs to be rehomed with someone that has experience, and has already got another African Grey Parrot. He is located in Chester Le Street, Co Durham.

Many thanks


All the birds below have been rehomed or are no longer available for adoption.

Bird Species: Crimson Bellied Conure - Pet Bird

Birds name: Buddy

Cage: Yes

Tame: Yes

Location: Scarborough, N. Yorkshire.

This is Buddy, he is a Crimson Bellied Conure.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you so much for offering your help, it is very much appreciated.

I have written a few words below and attached some photographs.

This is Buddy, he is a Crimson Bellied Conure and is roughly 4 years old. We are not certain of the sex but have always referred to him as a male. He became part of our family when he was only a few months old. He is healthy as far as we are aware and has never needed veterinary care. We have always clipped his nails at home, which used to be easy enough.

Buddy used to be very tame and enjoyed cuddles, he would fall asleep tucked up under your neck. He likes to blow kisses and wolf whistle (usually at the most inappropriate times). Unfortunately, due to us now having a 7 month old daughter he has not been getting the attention he needs and has become quite nippy and doesn't like coming out of his cage, even with the door left open. Although, he does still enjoy a good head tickle.

We would like him to be rehomed with someone who is experienced with birds and who will spend the time to get him back to his funny, cuddly self. Sorry, Buddy is no longer available for adoption. Scarborough, N. Yorkshire.

Kindest Regards


Bird Species: Black Headed Caique 

Birds Name: Malcolm

Tame: No, Aviary bird

Cage: No

Location: Wiltshire, in Southern England

Aviary Bird - Hi this is Malcolm, we rehomed him/her a year ago, he's a black headed caique parrot.

I'm not sure weather male or female. Does have an identity ring, but not able to get close enough to read it.

Malcolm has a nail missing due to it being removed at a young age by the vet, before living with us and wings have not been clipped .

Ive tried everything to get him tame, but he doesn't want to know me. Malcolm is a lovely bird, but not sure with people (was a rescue bird). He is not a tame bird and growls at you if you go near him.

We think Malcolm would be better suited living with other birds rather than alone. I would like to see him go somewhere where Malcolm would be happy.

Malcolm is located in Wiltshire, Southern England and needs a new home with other birds, ideally with birds of a similar size. An aviary or a Sanctuary situation would be perfect. Sorry Malcolm is no longer available.

Thank you


Blue Fronted Amazon. A message from his owner. It is killing me having to do this but he deserves so much more.

I am unsure how old he is (he has a blue tag on his foot that says 95) not sure what that means.

He is very one person orientated. Very lovable, mischievous and curious. He loves being out of his cage and wandering around. He loves playing and having tickles. He does have the tendency to bite new people but he sees this as playing and protecting me.

He is noisy (as parrots are) he does scream sometimes for attention but this is something he has always done since we have had him. He doesn't talk very much as he was passed the learning stage when we got him. He says hello, good boy and tickle. He is more active when the hoover is on but you cant quite hear what he is saying!

He loves fruit, especially banana, tea finger biscuits dipped in tea, pretty much anything! I have never given him chocolate as i was told not too. He can be picky with seed mixes but does seem to eat Pets at Home parrot mix.

He can fly, he is a bird so never agreed to have wings clipped.

I love him so much and i would like him to live with someone who can love him as much as me and take care of him. Now Rehomed. Located in Sheffield.

Thank you


African Grey Parrot Chico is for adoption. Age 8 Years.

Chico is a beautiful boy he prefers to stay on his cage, he likes you to open the cage door and is quite happy to roam around the outside of his cage playing with his toys.

Chico likes a lot of interaction and affection. Once you have gained his trust he will show you just how intelligent and funny he is. He does not talk yet but mimics sounds so hopefully talking will come later. Now Rehomed. Birtley, County Durham.

For Adoption are 2 very tame and friendly Budgies.

They are brother and sister and about 2 years old. She is sweet and funny, he is much more bossy and forthright than her and tells her what to do! I would like them to go with their cage, so any future adopter doesn't need to get them a cage and they can have their big parrot cage and all their toys. It opens at the top with a landing bar, so I let them fly freely (with all windows and doors tightly shut obviously) and they are very fit and busy little birds.

They like to sit on shoulders or heads and preen your hair and will fly to my hand if I call them, where they like to sit and nibble on my bracelets. They are very playful and funny and one of their favourite games is when I hang up bunches of wet, long grass for them in the summer and they roll and hang and dangle through them having a sort of shower.

They always have their radio on next to the cage during the day and love to chatter along with it. They are a funny and confident little pair and I know they'll make someone very happy. I've attached a photo of them (sitting on one of my daughter's heads, She was smiling hugely beneath her budgie head-band!) from last year. Now rehomed. South Yorkshire.

Parrotlet (Minature Parrot) This is Ozzy, a recently discovered female whom is now being called Izzy. She is 19 months old. Can be a little nippy in her cage, but will put her head down for a scratch as well. When she is out of the cage, she is an absolute sweetheart and happily gives cuddles. She would love to spend most of her time out of the cage if she could, so anyone who is at home a lot would be perfect for her as she loves to interact with people.

She sleeps in her bed, a green hammock, and adores swings. If you chop her up some broccoli she will happily sit on a plate munching it for ages. She doesn't like bird baths (flat out refuses to go in) and tries to sit in her water dish to bathe instead which is highly amusing. She hates the noise of crackling paper or plastic bags and will go berserk if you put some near her.

She gets in grumps sometimes and decides to try and kill her bed, also highly amusing. I really do love her and whoever ends up adopting her will be incredibly lucky, as she is amazing. I will only let this bird go to a FOREVER home and to people who can really give her the time and care she needs/deserves. Thank you. Now Rehomed. West Yorkshire.

Marley is a 30 year old Blue Faced Amazon. He was not use to being out of his cage for around 20 years. Finally 5 weeks after he came to us he ventured out. It was exciting to see when he came out to me his foster Mother. He use to launch at me, now 5 weeks on I can tickle his head. The way to his heart is to sing to him, as he loves to sing with you. He is a wonderfull bird that just needs lots of love to gain your trust.

Marley first came to our rescue with a vitamin A deficientcy. He has been seen by our local avian vet for a health check and is on a healthy diet now, that includes plenty of fresh fruit and veg. He talks, laughs and will sings for you.

You can watch a video of him on our Parrot video page. Link to Video of Marley If you feel you can give Marley a good loving home, then please call or email us through the contact us page. Now rehomed. Scarborough

Say Hello to Rocky, he is a 8 month old Ringneck Parrakeet. He has been hand reared. Tends to like Women better than Men. He loves attention and wants nothing more than to spend time with you.

He had a feather problem and plucked some of his feathers out. His feathers are now growing back and he has been leaving them alone.

Rocky is in need of a good loving home. Please contact us for further details. Now rehomed. York

This is Lexi she is a lovely, charming little parrot. She is a friendly happy bird and has been brought up with dogs. She loves company but has never been handled, although does perch on the arm for food.

She would benefit from an experienced person who could train and give her lots of attention and reassuring. She has a beautiful song and has never had her wings clipped. She is happy in her cage with plenty of toys, but prefers to also have a flutter about out of the cage.

The Alexandrine Parrot is sometimes called a parakeet; they are a member of the ring neck type of parrot.

They are all known for their gentle nature. The Alexandrine Parrot is considered being the best for a great family pet, as they are playful, not nippy and a good talker. Although affectionate, it does not like to be cuddled as much as some other parrots.

This Parrot would be ideal for a large aviary with other similar sized birds and/or indoor bird for someone who has the time to train her. Now rehomed. York.