Welcome to North Yorkshire Parrot Rescue!

NYPR has been involved in bird rescue and rehabilitation work since 2006, and is now fully dedicated to the rescue, foster and adoption of surrendered or found parrots.

Our priority is identifying potential adoption homes and educating caregivers in proper parrot care, to help avoid the behavioral problems that cause rehomeing in the first place.

Because all of the birds in the NYPRs adoption program have experienced the loss of one or more homes, we believe that every adoption should represent the best possible match and opportunity for a successful relationship.

Our Adoption Process and Policies are based on the best practices learned from research and designed to put birds and people together to form a relationship that can last them a lifetime.

NYPR offer a free advice and rescue service for all Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and other cage birds.

If you have a Parrot or other birds and need our help or feel you can no longer care for your bird, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please Note: Due to a shortage of foster homes, we don't have anymore space available, so can not take in anymore birds at this time, but will always be available to offer our free help and advice.

Please use the following link to locate a rescue that can help in your area: www.animalrescuers.co.uk.

Please contact NYPR for free help & advice, using our Contact Form or use our helpline, phone: 07707 065220.

Ways you can help us, You can donate any unwanted bird cages, parrot toys, bird food etc. You can help us financially by giving any amount you can to help us with our daily expenses. Please use the Donate Button on the left. Thank you.

Stop the Selling of Parrots, Please sign the petition. World Animal Rescue

Our rescue service was created to assist in the care of all types of parrots, parakeets, and other cage birds. Sometimes with the right advice or behavioural training the rehoming of the bird has not been necessary.

The Main Mission of NYPR is to ensure that all parrot owners are given the best information and education and support needed to keep their loved birds at home with them; many behavioral problems can be resolved with some time and help. We offer our free support, with some of the best pet bird advice and education available.

Many owners may not know how to care for their birds properly, at no fault of their own, because education isn’t provided at the outset. Captive birds often suffer from nutritional deficiencies, psychological stress, and many other problems that can result from poor husbandry.

Boredom, loneliness, stress and nutritional deficiencies can lead to feather-plucking and other forms of self mutilation, biting and screaming. This is why we have free information available (see the pages on the left) So owners can learn to meet the needs of their pet, so these behavioural problems can be resolved.

However, it is a sad fact of life that circumstances can change and a home once suitable for a parrot can become unsuitable, and you need to find a new home for your pet. Parrots can be loud, demanding, expensive, and capable of delivering a nasty bite; we sympathise.

We will take our time and great care to find a good permanent  home for your Parrot. You can keep in touch with the foster carer and the new owner if you want to see how the bird is getting on.

Non-profit bird sanctuaries can provide homes for some birds for whom their owners can no longer provide care. However, some of these sanctuary's are now full, so many more of these birds need to be adopted in peoples homes by committed owners who have taken the time to thoroughly understand what it takes to care for the birds. A person who is ready for the responsibility of owning a Parrot should seriously consider adopting one from a rescue.

Many wild bird species have become endangered as a result of the pet trade, not only because it takes birds out of their breeding population, but also because the majority of these birds die in transit. To avoid contributing to this needless loss of life, we ask you to adopt a Parrot, rather than buying a new one from a breeder or a pet store.

We are a Non Profit Organisation, Run by Dedicated Volunteers. 100% Voluntary.